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Someone You Know Deserves a "Thank You"

Maybe it's a co-worker, a boss, your son's coach, or the veteran you know who just returned from a tough deployment. Whoever it may be, we have unique and high-quality ways that you can show your appreciation. Our high quality Appreciation Coins are based on a 2000 year-old tradition and crafter to the highest standard. Each is made of solid metal with exclusive 5-color enamel designs and a special epoxy coating to keep it looking new for years to come.

Military & Veteran Appreciation

No matter how they served, all veterans and troops are united by sacrifice. They put everything on the line for us. Show them your appreciation with these high quality coins.

Creativity and Ideas

Great ideas don't strike at random... They result from hard work, and guts. Give thanks to the creative ones who are willing to take a chance!

Going Above and Beyond

Isn’t it great when someone surprises you by doing MORE than expected? Show thanks to the ones who "go above and beyond" - you make a difference!

Great Team Spirit

It can be hard to work with others, especially in stressful situations, but good teams always find a way. Give thanks to the team players!

Mastery and Skill

Although some make it look easy, mastery is earned through study and practice. Show your thanks to those who invest in growing themselves and others.

Inspirational Leadership

Without leadership, nothing happens. Show thanks to inspirational leaders who bring vision, drive clarity, and share their passion.

Appreciation Kit

Get 5 coins, 5 gift card boxes, and 5 "thank you cards" all in one convenient box with our "Employee Appreciation in a Box" kit. A high quality way to have everything you need for your need team recognition event!

Versatile Gifts for Any Occasion

Consider AttaCoin Tokens when you need holiday gifts or appreciation gifts any time of the year. We’ve found they work best when they’re personally handed to someone for “on the spot recognition.” Our focus is gifts for employees and for other teams (sports, charitable causes, etc.) but we have options for everyone. If you have recognition gift ideas that you’d like to share, please contact us – we’re always seeking new product ideas!

Customer Service is Our Top Priority

The day you place your order you’ll see the AttaCoin difference. Everything we do reflects our commitment to quality. If you ever have any issues our needs, call us on our toll free number: 800-260-0365.

Elegant Affordability

No one wants a "cheap gift" and you certainly won't find any on this site. What you will find, however, is affordable quality. With AttaCoin, you can give gifts that will be cherished for their beauty for less than $10 a piece.

A Veteran-Owned Business.

Our founder spent 8 years in the United States military and served in Operation Desert Storm as an Infantry soldier. He later adapted the employee motivation tools he learned, including military coins, to a successful career in the business world. We are sharing AttaCoin with you because, in our experience, it’s proven to be a successful way to motivate and inspire people.

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