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About Us: Our Product and Mission

Thanks for coming to – we’re glad you’re here! We have a very simple mission and we can’t accomplish it without your help. That mission is to help every deserving team member feel more appreciated. That mission is more important than ever. While more efficient, today’s workplace has become impersonal in so many ways. It’s also become more demanding. As a result, 47% of employees say they feel under-appreciated. Any good leader knows that bad morale kills results – it’s expensive!

How Do We Deliver It?

To succeed in our mission, we’ve reinvented a 2000 year old tradition – one that’s been cherished by militaries and first responders around the world since the Roman Legions. This tradition, known as the challenge coin, is high touch and low tech… a perfect antidote to today’s conditions.

Our stunning 1.75″ diameter employee appreciation coins (we call them “tokens”) recognize important employee attributes and contributions. We have coins to recognize leadership, teamwork, creativity, and more. Have a look at our product catalog to see them for yourself!

We also offer awards for kids. These are similar to our employee coins but designed to be economical for use in the classroom, on sports teams, or any other kid-centered activity. Finally, we offer veteran and military coins. Use these to thank the veteran in your life or at your workplace for their service.

There are lots of ways to use our tokens – the most direct and impactful is to hand one to your team member after thanking them personally. You can, however, also include one in a thank you card, leave it anonymously at someone’s desk, present it with a gift card, or give tokens out publicly at a recognition event.

How Are AttaCoin Tokens Made?

AttaCoin Tokens get their quality look because of the process and attention to detail that goes into every single one. First we mint fresh coins, then we coat them with nickel for a beautiful shine, then we paint them with durable paint in up to 5 distinct colors, and we finally coat the entire coin with a protective epoxy layer for durability and enhanced glow (employee coins). Our full size coins are hand-packed into an individual plastic envelope ready for presentation to a deserving employee!

A Veteran-Owned Company

Our founder served for 8 years in the US Army including a deployment for Operation Desert Storm as a combat infantryman. While the Army is by no means perfect, it is an organization that knows how to build and motivate teams.

While the challenge coin was just one of the tools used in the Army, it is in my opinion among the most effective. Unlike a trophy, plaque, or even a medal, troops often keep their coin with them at all times as a reminder of the unit’s appreciation. Receiving a coin is a deeply meaningful experience – it’s a “thank you” made solid and handed from a leader to a deserving team member.