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Designing Custom Coins

December 04, 2016

Designing Custom Coins

So you've decided you want custom coins... Now what?

Most clients starting on the road to their custom coins start with a general idea of what they want but, since it's usually they're first time, they need a little help. We've written this article to give you, the new coin maker, a head start. You don't need to know all about coins to make your own coin beautiful!

1. Start with a Purpose:

You can make coins for anything: at AttaCoin, we're focused on recognition coins ("thank you coins") but coins can also be made to commemorate an event, used as a calling card, or given out to welcome people into an organization.

The purpose of your personalized coins will determine the right combination of words & pictures to use. Think about the end recipient of the coin - what do you want them to think when they receive this? What do you want them to feel?

2. Determine the Look & Feel:

The way your custom coins turn out depends on a lot of factors - size, material, finish, and even shape. At AttaCoin, we focus on 1.75" round coins, which are the "traditional" form for custom challenge coins. We recommend either using a traditional brass finish or nickel plate, which is featured on our AttaCoin recognition tokens.

You can also, if you wish, include an epoxy coating for protection. Whether or not you do so is a matter of personal preference - some customers prefer the "feel" of unprotected metal.

3. Develop your design:

Not all of us are artists... You don't have to design your own coin from scratch! We have people who can help. Our coin designer will help you to design a coin from start to finish. You'll need to have a general idea of what you want and will also need to provide files for your logo or any other images you hope to have included.

We will help develop your design in up to 5 unique colors. If you can provide Pantone reference for your colors, it will help ensure we get these just right. We'll also recommend colors for you if needed. Same with fonts - you may have some already selected and, if not, we'll help you find the right ones to fit.

The coin design phase will typically take a week or so depending on complexity and on how long you need to review potential designs.

4. Review the Proof:

You'll receive a picture of the custom coins you've designed called the coin proof. This is your chance to ensure all the required items have been included and that you like the overall look and feel. If there's anything that you don't like about the design, let us know so we can make modifications and get you a new coin design!

5. Authorize Production:

At proof stage, we'll also confirm the cost for your custom coin. When making coins, coin pricing will depend both on coin features and quantity. We can help you meet your budget requirements if you're clear on your priorities.

Once you've "signed off" on the proof, production can start. Changes after this point will cause additional costs and delays.

Coin minting usually takes 3-4 weeks but please contact us if you have special timing requirements. We will keep you posted as production progresses and when we're ready to ship your custom made coins.

Want to start YOUR custom coins? Call 1-800-260-0365 now!

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