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Employee Appreciation Ideas for Q1 2017

December 17, 2016

Employee Appreciation Ideas for Q1 2017

Looking for a full year of Employee Appreciation Ideas? Check our  2017 Calendar for our more!

As a manager, helping your team to start the year right is extremely important. With the Holidays over and a whole new year ahead, employees can feel intimidated or even demoralized. One way to combat this is with a little fun and some good employee appreciation events.

We recommend scattering these events through the quarter. Here are some ideas for January, February, and March that will help you drive morale and inject a little fun into this time of year. For a full year of ideas (36 in total!) check out our 2017 Guide available here.

January 2017:

  • National Technology Day: This day, which occurs on January 6th, is the perfect opportunity to recognize your IT staff or others on your team who are making a difference using information technology. Alternately, you can award cool technology items like iPhones or Amazon Alexa devices to employees who have excelled in other ways.
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day: January 19th is a great day to train your office on who your key customers are and how the company is serving their needs. In addition, it's a great recognition / awards opportunity for the employees who've established strong relationships with new customers or clients.
  • National Compliment Day: On January 24th, encourage your employees to compliment each other for recent great work, help they've provided, or anything else that's made life better at the office. Make thank you cards available to the office and personally deliver your own cards to employees who have made a difference for you.

February 2017:

  • National Random Acts of Kindness Day: On the 17th, encourage employees to do something unexpected and kind to show appreciation to others on the team. As team leader, find an act of kindness that you can do for the whole office like buying a new espresso machine or ordering pizza for lunch.

March 2017:

  • National Employee Appreciation Day: March 3rd is a big day for managers and one of the most obvious employee appreciation ideas on the calendar. On this day, we recommend organizing a formal award ceremony. Think through the past 12 months and provide awards to recognize top individual & team contributions. You may find our appreciation coin and gift card box to be a good option for this event. Although the awards may only go out to a small group, make sure you thank the whole team for their hard work.
  • Employee of the Quarter Event: Celebrate at end of month - Friday the 31st is a good choice. This year, introduce an employee of the quarter event. Consider using employee nominations to drive this so that everyone can feel they have a voice. Consider hosting a lunch to celebrate the winner and runners up.

With the day-to-day demands of your business, it can be hard to make time for these programs. Investing the time and effort behind these events, however, will show your employees that you care about their wellbeing. It will also help your retention and help you to recruit new team members. Most importantly, though, building fun and recognition into your office culture is the right thing to do.

Use these employee appreciation ideas to be the manager you want to be in 2017.

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