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Employee Recognition: 5 Ways with AttaCoin

December 19, 2016

Employee Recognition: 5 Ways with AttaCoin

There are 5 great ways to use AttaCoin Tokens for employee recognition...

You don't need a manual to use AttaCoin Tokens: simply pick the one that best reflects your employee's contribution and hand it over. That said, the specifics of your approach as well as the timing and location can make a big difference. Here are some great options:

  1. Casually hand the AttaCoin Token to your employee with a handshake and a "thank you": This is by far the simplest approach and perhaps the best way to deliver employee recognition on the spot. Keep a supply of tokens in your office so you can always be ready to express your appreciation.
  2. Leave a Token anonymously on your employee's desk: Some managers find it awkward to hand out our tokens face-to-face. If so, leaving the token on your employee's desk in a prominent spot (on a mousepad for example) is a good alternative. Leave the "Thank You" side facing up so that the intent of your special delivery is clear.
  3. Leave the Token in an envelope with your thank you note: While most thank you notes & cards end up at the bottom of a drawer (or worse yet in the trash), adding an AttaCoin token to your note adds a special keepsake that the employee can carry with them wherever they go. Better yet, include one of our displays so that your employee can proudly show their prize to anyone who comes by.
  4. Present Tokens to multiple employees at your next recognition event: Trophies are "old school" - they no longer fit today's office realities. Instead of boring old trophies or plaques, hand out AttaCoin Tokens at your next awards event. If you want to bring additional meaning and a patriotic twist to this approach, explain the cherished army traditionthat led to the creation of AttaCoin Tokens.
  5. Make Tokens available to ALL your employees so they can recognize each other: Employee recognition is not just for the boss. Make sure that all of your employees are equipped to show each other thanks for a job well done. Buy a kit like our "Department Head" and add the tokens to a fishbowl somewhere that allows for easy access by all employees. You'll see morale quickly rise and business results will follow.

We've also created this video which brings these concepts to life in animated form! Have we missed any approaches? If so, let us know and send us a picture - we'd love to feature your ideas on our blog.

Deliver employee recognition the right way with AttaCoin!

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