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Box for Gift Cards / Gift Card Holders - New Arrival!

November 24, 2016

Box for Gift Cards / Gift Card Holders - New Arrival!

Our beautiful "side car" gift card holders with thank you coin are here!

Gift cards are a huge business - in fact, $130 BILLION worth were sold in 2015 often as employee Christmas gifts. The problem, though, is that once the gift card balance has been used, it goes in the trash. There's nothing memorable, personal, or lasting about this present. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to give the value and flexibility of a gift card while also providing something a bit more personal and lasting?

Introducing AttaCoin's exclusive gift card + coin display case. These beautifully designed boxes will hold any standard 1.75" challenge coin, including AttaCoin Tokens, and a gift card. Boxes are multi-layered black construction (very heavy duty) with a layered foam insert custom made for this purpose.

Although pictured here with an iTunes gift card, we've tested the boxes with an Amazon gift card, Best Buy gift card, prepaid visa gift cards, Nike gift card, Walmart gift card, Starbucks gift card, and even a Victoria's Secret gift card. All of them fit perfectly!

And of course you get the gift box with a coin included - all 5 varieties available: leadership, effort, teamwork, creativity, and mastery.

Unlike other gift card holders, this one gives the recipient something they can spend AND something they can keep and cherish forever. These make perfect thank you gifts for employees and are only sold in combination with our employee appreciation tokens - you will not find these anywhere else! They look beautiful with a silver or red bow, by the way...

The next time you give a gift, make it both functional and meaningful with these special gift card holders!

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