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The 'Jan 17 Inspire Awards: Donnie Yen, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Ed Sheeran

January 31, 2017

The 'Jan 17 Inspire Awards: Donnie Yen, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Ed Sheeran

Welcome to the Jan '17 AttaCoin Inspire Awards!

Our mission at AttaCoin is to help make deserving people feel more appreciated. We do this with recognition and motivation aids for business, academic, and military organizations. In addition to celebrating "everyday people," we also believe that those in the public eye can, at their best, be an inspiration to us all. That's why we've created the AttaCoin Inspire Awards.

With each Inspire Award, we'll recognize three individuals or groups who've demonstrated exceptional Creativity, Mastery, Leadership, Effort, or Teamwork. We'll tell you about their accomplishments and some of the backstory highlighting the challenges the faced and how they overcame.

Below (and in this video) are the awardees for January 2017!


In the latest Star Ward film, Rogue One, Donnie plays the role of Chirrut Imwe - a blind warrior who is in tune with the Force. This role gives Donnie ample opportunity to show off his moves fighting Storm Troopers and other baddies. Anyone who's seen this film will attest to Donnie's impact on the screen but what most people don't know is that he had to wear contact lenses that made him nearly as blind as his character! The lenses were also so uncomfortable that he had to remove them every 20 minutes.

What's more, Donnie is now 53 years-old. While not ancient by any means, it still makes his awesome acrobatics all the more impressive. In this work, Donnie clearly shows us that Mastery and Skill will overcome almost any obstacle!


You can't fake the kind of teamwork on display in La La Land! Emma and Ryan light it up on stage, evoking Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire with their moves. Months of rigorous training together under the watchful eye of famous choreographer Mandy Moore helped, but the fact that Emma and Ryan had been friends for 7 years also didn't hurt. Neither Gosling nor Stone are pro dancers.

Moore had high praise for the attitude shown by her stars: “I never felt like it was like, ‘O.K., tell me what I’m supposed to do,’ ” she said. “It was always: ‘Let’s try this. Does this feel right? Great. Let’s add another layer to that,’ to make it more difficult or more showy or less showy.” Great Team Work by these two!


Our third award this month goes to Ed Sheeran for Creativity. Ed's on the verge of releasing his highly anticipated album Divide and has already released some singles including the impressive Castle on the Hill. Ed had been on hiatus for most of 2016, largely pulling back from his public.

The young (26) English singer and songwriter has been tireless in his career. In addition to his own music, he's written songs for Justin Bieber, Hilary Duff, Taylor Swift and others. Sheeran is also very active in charity and other causes, including as a key participant in Band Aid 30. Kudos, Ed!

We hope you've enjoyed this month's awards - if you have any ideas for future awards, please drop us a note (!

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