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These Employee Retention Ideas Invigorate New Hires

January 24, 2017

These Employee Retention Ideas Invigorate New Hires

The 2016 Gallup report, "How Millennials Want to Work and Live" was a bearer of some bad news for managers. The Gallup survey found that the latest generation of employees likes to move from job to job more often than previous generations... They're "job hoppers" who live in a post-loyalty world.

People born between 1980 and 1996 have a unique outlook on employment. These employees are less engaged at work and more likely to leave for reasons not related to compensation.

Keeping Your Team Happy

We know what an asset a good employee is to your business. But, old employee retention methods don't always work with these new hires. To keep the best employees in these changing times means managers need new employee retention ideas.

Today's employees:

  • Want to feel engaged and challenged by their work.
  • Want to feel like they are a part of something meaningful - a "purpose."
  • Seek a sense of community.
  • Want to see tangible evidence that they are valued. 

Attacoin's mission has always been to help you make sure your employees understand that they are appreciated. Our tokens are one way that you can reward your employees and let them know they are valued. 

To show you that we value you as our customer, we wanted to share these additional employee retention ideas.

Employee Retention Ideas to Keep Your Employees' Interest

Involvement equals engagement. A recent article in Inc. reported that businesses with engaged employees saw improved performance. You can engage your employees by giving them a voice in decisions. Solicit your staff's feedback and encourage them to share ideas.

When possible, allow your employees to stick with a project from start to finish. Seeing a project through to the end gives employees a feeling of satisfaction. Full project involvement also introduces employees from different departments to one another and builds your company's internal community.

Employees today crave intellectual challenges and new experiences provide satisfying challenges. According to Robert Half Management Resources, a job rotation program can benefit your company's bottom line and enhances employee retention. Implementing a job rotation program allows your employees to learn new tasks while providing them with intellectual stimulation. It also deepens your talent base.

Building connections builds loyalty. When looking for employee retention ideas, apps may not have been the first thing that came to mind. But a growing number of productivity applications are designed with employee retention in mind.

These apps go beyond just tracking projects and include processes that build a sense of community among workers. These new generation apps are particularly important as employees often work from different locations and have less opportunity to meet face to face.

Productivity apps such as Slack and  Trello are a great way to allow employees to collaborate on projects. But new apps such as HighGround and Bonfyre take things a step further, encouraging employees to send virtual congratulations and share the personal stories. 

Keep Your Team Strong With Strategies that Show You Care

Good managers know the value of a loyal employee. The success of your business depends on the work of every member of your team. Don't let your best employees slip away. Show them your appreciation at every chance.

For more ideas on employee appreciation, please visit our blog. Our mission is to help you achieve yours.

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