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5 Pack: “Inspirational Leadership” – 1.75″ Metal Coins


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This is AttaCoin’s exclusive 5-coin Leadership Recognition kit. These coins recognize “Inspirational Leadership.” Coins are 1.75 inches in diameter, heavyweight, and very beautiful. All of them receive a special epoxy coating to protect their beautiful 5-color designs. Each comes wrapped in its own protective PVC envelope, perfect to protect this piece of art from fingerprints. The coins are all-original… You won’t find them from anyone else.

  • A SIMPLE “THANK YOU” CAN MEAN SO MUCH – These kindness coins are a special and very personal way to express your personal appreciation. They’re like a trophy you can put in your pocket. They are great and thoughtful options for all kinds of occasions – Employee Appreciation Day, Administrative Professional Day, Holiday Office Party, Volunteer Appreciation, Teacher Appreciation, or as an every day way to show kudos. A great and original alternative to trophies, plaques, pins, and cards.
  • HIGH QUALITY, HEAVY WEIGHT, STURDY, AND BIG METAL COINS (INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED!) – You will be surprised when you see these coins. Each is 1.75″ in diameter – almost as wide as 2 quarters side by side. They’re twice as thick as a quarter. They’re heavy too – 0.8 ounces – 4 times more than a quarter! Each coin has epoxy coating that ensures it will look great for years. Each also comes in a protective PVC envelope! Avoid the cheap and small plastic coins- these are a much nicer motivational gift.
  • EXCLUSIVE AND BEAUTIFUL “OFFICE FRIENDLY” AND GENDER NEUTRAL DESIGNS – This pack features 5 coins for “Inspirational Leadership.” AttaCoin hired a skilled USA-based designer who has worked on branding for several of the Fortune 50. They asked her to develop this and other coins in our lineup. Each copyrighted design features beautiful 5-color images that inspire. Colors are bright but not child-like. Your team will be proud to display them – Men and Women, Young or Old.
  • BASED ON A 2000 YEAR-OLD MILITARY TRADITION, VETERAN-OWNED BUSINESS – The founder of AttaCoin, a US Army combat veteran who later entered corporate America, had the idea to turn military challenge coins into a corporate recognition tool. He worked with one of the leading coin manufacturers, a US government manufacturer, to prototype and later launch these into the market. All AttaCoin products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Dimensions 1.75 x 0.10 x 1.75 in


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