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10 Pack: Round Coin Case

Buy this 10 challenge coin case pack and save more!

Protect and preserve your beautiful AttaCoin Tokens! These simple coin cases fit your 1.75” AttaCoin tokens and most other 1.75” coins. They easily snaps shut and stay shut even when in transport. These coin display cases are both hard and clear - you can see every detail of the coin inside.

Challenge coins display extremely well in these cases and you can combine the case with coin racks / coin stands for an even nicer presentation.

Forget boring old trophies and plaques! AttaCoin is the original "corporate challenge coin." We are a Veteran-Owned Business and saw the opportunity to create a line of stunning challenge coins for business leaders. Our mission is simple: make employee appreciation easy.

Coins are not included with these coin cases. Click here for our full assortment including coins, a variety of coin holders, and more.