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Mastery and Skill

Reward employee development on your team...

Although some make it look easy, mastery and skill are usually earned with lots of study, practice, and effort. Show your employees that you appreciate them for developing themselves and others with this AttaCoin Token of Appreciation.

The visuals and color scheme on this token represent the result of mastery and skill – excellence! The front of the token says “Awarded For Building Mastery and Skill” while the back says “Thank You … You’ve Made A Difference.” The green and orange highlights make this a visually striking design.


  • Diameter: 1.75”
  • Weight: 0.9 Oz Ea.
  • Materials: Nickel Plated Zinc, Enamel Paint, Epoxy Coated – PVC Pouch

For comparison, a US Half Dollar is 1.21” in diameter and 0.3 Oz… Our token is 3 times heavier! 

How They’re Made:

AttaCoin Tokens get their quality look because of the process and attention to detail that goes into every single one. First we mint fresh coins, then we coat them with nickel for a beautiful shine, then we paint them with durable paint in up to 5 distinct colors, and we finally coat the entire coin with a protective epoxy layer for durability and enhanced glow.

AttaCoin is a Veteran-Owned Business based in the USA (Bentonville, Arkansas). Our mission is simple: make employee appreciation easy. We've developed this and other tools in support of that mission.

Recognize employee development brilliantly... with AttaCoin!!