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"The Team Leader": 5-Pack, 1 of Each

Want to know how to motivate employees? Here's a great new way!

As soon as you give out your first token, you’ll want to give more.With this collection, you’ll get all 5 AttaCoin token designs so that you can show your thanks all the special ways your employees contribute every day.

Included Tokens:

  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Creativity and Ideas
  • Strong Teamwork
  • Building Mastery and Skill
  • Going Above and Beyond

Each token is hand-packed into an individual PVC envelope ready for presentation to a deserving employee. Give them out 1:1, set up an employee recognition event, or make them available so that your team members can give them out to each other.

The great thing about these coins is that employees can take them anywhere. We've found that many recipients keep them in their pockets as a reminder of their manager's appreciation. Others choose to keep them on their desk so that others can see them... We have some great desk stands available that you may want to pick up as well.

Forget boring old trophies, cards, and other items that end up in bottom drawer!

AttaCoin is the original "corporate challenge coin."We are a Veteran-Owned Business and also wondered how to motivate employees in our own work- this was our solution!