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Gift Card Box Includes "Creativity and Ideas" Coin

Recognition Gifts for Creativity - Gift Card & Coin Box!

Gift cards can be good recognition gifts for holidays or employee appreciation events but they're kind of impersonal and, once they're spent, they're gone. We have a new option to make your gift card better!

Introducing the AttaCoin "Sidecar Box" - this item includes a beautiful black box, very substantially built, with a high quality 1.75" metal coin recognizing Creativity and Ideas. Add a $15 gift card and you've got a wonderful and very personal employee gift under $30.

The included coin is one of our most striking designs - the bulb and brain visual is immediately recognizable and the color pallette reinforces the spirit of creativity.

Gift Box Tested to fit:

Amazon Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, Target Gift Card, eBay Gift Card, and American Express - will likely fit others as well... NOTE THAT gift cards are not included with this item.

How Our Tokens Are Made:

AttaCoin Tokens get their quality look because of the process and attention to detail that goes into every single one. First we mint fresh coins, then we coat them with nickel for a beautiful shine, then we paint them with durable paint in up to 5 distinct colors, and we finally coat the entire coin with a protective epoxy layer for durability and enhanced glow.

Each token is hand-packed into an individual PVC envelope ready for presentation to a deserving employee.

Forget boring old trophies and plaques! AttaCoin is the original "corporate challenge coin." We are a Veteran-Owned Business and saw the opportunity to create a line of stunning challenge coins for business leaders. Our mission is simple: make employee recognition gifts easy!